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What is Satire Aid

There are hundreds of thousands of children in the UK so far below the poverty line that they won't get anything at all for Christmas this year. 

We're helping people to buy a present for a child in care, crisis or poverty to make sure every kid can look forward to Christmas Day and has something fun to play with on Christmas morning.

How does it work?

The clever, funny people at The Rochdale Herald, NewsThump, Southend News Network, U Ok Hun?, Tuckered and the sublime Angry People in Local Papers post a link to the Amazon gift list. 

You choose a present from the Amazon gift list. Click buy and Amazon Prime will ship it directly to a gift-drive, foodbank, charity or crisis centre. (The list of charities that we are supporting over the festive period are shown on the Charity Calendar on this website).

A social worker will make sure your gift is wrapped and then given to a child who needs one on Christmas morning.

It really is that simple.

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So Far​

Since we started this appeal in 2017 the readers of The Rochdale Herald, NewsThump, SNN, Angry People in Local Newspapers shipped more than 60,000 presents worth £350,000 to Cash 4 Kids, Rochdale Giving Back, The Reading Family Aid Toy Drive, Southend Council, The Salvation Army, Barnardos and about a dozen food banks. 

The generosity of our readers has been incredible and has changed the course of Christmas for tens of thousands of children. 

This year we want to do it even bigger.