The Rochdale Herald

The Rochdale Herald is a fictional newspaper based in Rochdale in Lancashire. Written entirely by amateurs for no discernible reason at all. 

Despite being billed as the World's Worst Local Newspaper they have featured on Radio 5, Victoria Derbyshire and Andrew Neill's This Week.

Debunked by Snopes, retweeted by Richard Dawkins, Nancy Sinatra and that bloke from Dire Straits who isn't Mark Knopfler, you know the other Knopfler, the one at the back. 



Newsthump are an annoyingly brilliant bunch of satirists and comedians who usually steal all the funny jokes from the writers at The Rochdale Herald by thinking of them first and publishing them at least two years before them.

That doesn't stop them from being magnanimous in victory and generous with their time.

Their Managing Editor, Rich Smith, has been successfully publishing brilliant jokes and sketches for more than a decade and is considered by some, including Radio 4, as a bit of an expert at it.



Angry People in Local Newspapers

Angry People in Local Newspapers was founded by the acclaimed, by us, journalist and author, Alistair Coleman. 

His life's work of cataloguing banal newspaper stories of people in local newspapers who look a bit cross has turned out to be the funniest thing on the internet.


He's also only gone and got a bloody book deal, it's out in time for Christmas and is published by Penguin.