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Thank you! 4,577 Presents worth £42,143.96 for Satire Aid 2018

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everybody who has donated a present or just supported Satire Aid 2018 by sharing and plugging our articles.

This year you guys bought 4,577 Christmas presents for kids all over the UK. These are just a small proportion of the 180,000 children who are living in poverty.

Most of these kids have no expectation that they will receive anything whatsoever tomorrow morning, in fact a good proportion of them might not even eat a hot meal. Huge numbers of them are living in temporary accommodation, including women's refuges.

This year 4,577 of them will receive a little bit of hope thanks to your generosity.

We'd like to thank the wonderful people who contribute their time and resources to making this happen including the writers and editors at NewsThump, Angry People in Local Newspapers, The Rochdale Herald, Tuckered and U OK HUN.

This year the amazing Jonathan Pie supported us by promoting our appeal as did the wonderful people at Private Eye!

This year we supported Reading Family Aid, Rochdale's Giving Back Charity, Eagle Radio's Christmas Toy Appeal, Southend's One Love Secret Santa, Barnardo's North West, Fife's Gift of Christmas Appeal, Cash4Kids Mission Christmas in Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool and IF Oldham.

We're very proud to have been able to do our little bit but the job isn't yet done. If you haven't yet had the chance to make a Christmas donation please consider making a donation to The Trussell Trust.

You can find their donation page here.

Have a very Merry Christmas and thank you sincerely from the bottom of our satirical, cynical little hearts!

The Satire Aid Team 2018

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